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Domestic violence crimes are strictly enforced in the state of Arizona. They can occur in many different situations, but most often involve family members, spouses, or people who were at one time romantically involved. These relationships may include intense and conflicting emotions that can quickly escalate into violence or threats.

Domestic violence occurs when a person causes physical harm, attempts to do so, or creates fear of imminent physical harm to family and household members. It is not only violent action that is unlawful, but could include: kidnapping, assault, battery, criminal damage, stalking, or making threats.

See Arizona Revised Statute Section 13-3601.


Domestic violence includes more than just spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends. Under Arizona law, this could include:

  • those who are married, or used to be;
  • people living together in the same household;
  • people related by blood or marriage;
  • people who have a child together, or expecting a child; or
  • people who are dating or engaged, or used to be.


A protective order, also known as a restraining order, is a court issued order to prohibit someone from taking specified actions, such as preventing contacting a specific person or even approaching someone else. They are intended to provide protection for someone fearful of physical harm, abuse, or sexual harm by force or threat of harm at the hands of another. Sometimes, a mutual protective order will prevent both sides from contacting one another.


The penalties related to domestic violence will depend on the specific facts and circumstances of the assault, abuse or violation of a protective order. It will also depend on the prior criminal history of the defendant and if a firearm was used. Additionally, violence against a pregnant victim can increase jail time an additional two years. As a Gilbert criminal defense attorney, I can help to defend you if you are accused of domestic violence

A conviction for domestic assault and battery, or other crimes of domestic violence, may carry possible fines and prison time. They can often be charged as a felony. Even in circumstances where there was no violence, violating a protective order can result in jail time. Additional penalties could include substance abuse or batterers programs, restricted child visitation, and additional fees and fines.


If you or a loved one were charged with domestic violence based on the accusers’ false allegations, an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney can investigate, and identify the inconsistent statements of the accuser. A criminal defense trial lawyer will examine parties and witnesses to verify the defendant’s version of the facts.

Before becoming a criminal defense attorney, I was a police officer and a prosecutor. As a police officer, I investigated many domestic violence cases, and understand how they look inside and out. Later, as a prosecutor, I took these cases to court, building a case against the defendant. Now, I use that experience to fight for you. I have the knowledge, training, and courtroom skills to keep you out of jail and get your charges dismissed.


A claim of domestic violence is a serious accusation and one that puts your freedom, reputation, and life at risk. If you are charged with domestic violence, do not try and handle the situation on your own, it may make matters worse. As soon as there is a charge or investigation for domestic violence, you need to contact a qualified Phoenix criminal defense attorney with experience handling domestic violence cases. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation, and I will answer all your questions or concerns.

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence here in the Phoenix metro area, call my Gilbert criminal defense law firm today at 480-390-2537.

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